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Tracing Services

Tracing Services Johannesburg South Africa

We are a professional tracing agency offering professional tracing services to companies and private individuals who need to locate their missing debtors, long lost loved ones, birth relatives, or those defaulting their responsibilities.


Our Tracing Services ensures that our tracing agents trace to locate the contact employment, residential, telephone, email and other contactable details of absconding debtors for the purposes of collecting outstanding owing amounts, issuing of court orders or for collection procedures

Our experienced tracing agents will go all out in full force to track and trace that person for you at affordable tracing fees benefiting you to contact your missing loved ones, debtors and companies.

Our tracing services are:

Debtor Tracing, Debtor Finding

We find your missing and absconding debtors providing you with their contact telephone, residential, employment and any contactable details of those debtors. Normally it can be a difficult task for a person who doesn’t have the know how to track the missing debtors who varnishes in thin air without a trace – changing employment, telephone details, address and any contact details that may be known. (Read more about our debtor tracing services here.)

Employment Tracing Services

Our employment tracing service ensures that we find employment details of your missing debtors providing you with their employment information such as name of employer, address, telephone, occupation, nature of employment, employee number and any other contactable details related to their employment – which information is necessary for garnish orders.

Company Tracing

We locate corporate offices, searching and verifying the registered details of a company – its owners, directors, location and any other relevant information that may be needed to connect with it for many reasons. (Read more about company tracing here)

Beneficiary tracing

We trace to locate insurance pay outs and provident fund beneficiaries who are not known where they stay or be contacted to collect their pay outs which are due to them.

Missing Person Tracing

We locate and find your missing persons providing you with their contactable information that can cause them to reunite with you or may entail us to search the family details of a person and finding their birth relatives and connecting them to their loved ones. (Read more about missing missing person tracing here)

For any debtor finding or missing person finding service quote or inquiry just fill in our online tracing form online and submit it or call our agents on 071 113 4703 our friendly consultants will contact you shortly.

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