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Company Tracing

Company Tracing Johannesburg South Africa

Company Tracing Service to locate missing directors, business offices and verification services.

JST Management Services, experienced Johannesburg tracing agents, is a professional and experienced tracing company, providing professional company tracing services which includes director tracing, business offices tracing and verification services to individuals and companies in South Africa.


Our company tracing service ensures that our tracing agents trace to locate the contact employment, residential, telephone, email and other contactable details of absconding debtors for the purposes of collecting outstanding owing amounts, issuing of court orders or for collection procedures

JST Company Tracing

Director Tracing

We can search for you who is the director of a given company. If we are given the name of a company we can trace to get the information of who are the management team of it.

We understand in some rare instances some consumers enter into some legal contracts with some dubious businesses only to find it later that the said company was just a briefcase company and by then it will be too late to trace them as they may not be known of their actual management.

When such matters are referred to us we can ascertain for you the directors of that company furnishing you with their contactable telephone numbers, cell numbers, residential addresses, identity details and their other business interests that you can track them down.

We can provide you with verified information of the actual registration details of any given company detailing their management, directorship, registered offices, tax registration details, CK numbers and any other details which may be requested by our clients.

JST Management Services provides affordable company tracing fees which lets you cut much of your recovery costs to find company locations and verifying registered details.

Feel free to contact us for any company tracing service whether it be tracking down the directors who may have disappeared in thin air or some fishy briefcase company that cannot be traced.

You simply furnish us with the last known details of the directors and the location details of the company itself – which may be their contact telephone numbers, cellphone numbers (even if they are no longer in use), physical residential or postal addresses or any minutest details which can be a good lead to us.

For fast and convinience’s sake you may fill in and submit our online tracing instruction here and our friendly professional tracing agents will be on your case in minutes.

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