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Verification Services

Verification Services

JST Management Tracing agents provides affordable professional verification tracing services that can save you from entering into blind contracts and or relationships by providing you with verified information of given individuals or companies.


Our verification service ensures that our tracing agents trace to locate the contact employment, residential, telephone, email and other contactable details of absconding debtors for the purposes of collecting outstanding owing amounts, issuing of court orders or for collection procedures

JST Management and Tracing Agents

JST Management Services is an experienced debtor tracing company in Johannesburg South Africa offering full debtor tracing services to debt collection companies, attorneys, financial institutions, loan companies and private individuals who want to locate their absconding debtors owing them and varnishes in thin air without a trace.

Our Verification Tracing Services are:

Deeds office searches

We provide you with ownership information about who owns what properties or verify if a certain given property information details is valid or not. You give us the property address then we can tell you who owns it or you can give us a name of an individual or his or her ID number and we can check any property they own.

Criminal Record Checking

Criminal record verification involves us to check if a person has ever been implicated or charged with a criminal offense – detailing the crime, crime date, outcome or any criminal history attached to an individual.

ID Verification

You give us the ID number and we can verify if the given ID information belongs to the given person. In some instances you may give us the name and we can find the identity details of that individual.

Marital Status Verification

We have access to online tracing tools which we can use to check if a given person is legally married or not. You simply provide us that person’s ID number or name. If married we can provide you with information of the marriage date, spouse, where they married and what type of marriage they are engaged in.

Dead or alive verification

You can provide us with a name and we can verify if your missing person is dead or is still alive. If a person is deceased we can provide you with the details of their death certificate, death certificate number, death date, place of death and the cause thereof.

You can give us the company name or its registration details then we can verify if the given company exists or not, is registered or not. If registered we can furnish you with information of its directorship, ownership, management, trading status, trading style, location and contact details. Our tracing agents experienced in company tracing will provide with up to date business details of any given company.

Just like our company tracing service, we can also ascertain the company directors of a given company or verify if some named persons are actual directors of a given company.

We can check for you if you or a given person is blacklisted or not – giving you correct information about the financial status and credit worthiness of the given person or company.

We can do background investigation of your employees and verify the given information of their licences, educational qualifications, trade references and employment history.

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