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Tracing Agents

Johannesburg Tracing Agents of choice.

It is an open secret to find out why JST Management Services is the tracing agency services and verification agency of choice in South Africa.


Our Tracing Agents trace to locate the contact employment, residential, telephone, email and other contactable details of absconding debtors for the purposes of collecting outstanding owing amounts, issuing of court orders or for collection procedures.

tracing agents in Johannesburg South Africa

Tracing Agents Johannesburg South Africa

Experienced Tracing agents

Our people tracers who are our tracing agents, debtor finders and field tracers have vast experience in the tracing and debt recovery industry.

Industry Specific Experts and Consultants

Our team of experts ensures to deliver examplery service at every level so that our relationship with the clients remain mutually beneficial and strong. The team comprises of professionals like tracing agents and debt collectors, industry specific consultants and subject experts, who have vast debt collections and background investigations industry experience to innovate most enviable debt recovery solutions.

Language Factor

Our experienced people finders, who are our online, phone and field tracers and collection agents are familiar with more than 12 languages of our Rainbow nation and other international languages. They are well versed in the local vernarcular languages like IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Venda, Ndebele, SiSotho, Sipedi among others and other official languages like English and Afrikaans including international languages like Portuguese and Shona which is proving to be the 13th language of South Africa.

Field Tracing Agents

JST Management employs field tracing agents who can do physical debtor visits to confirm trace results. All information and trace results which we provide our clients and customers is verified information.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to offer best tracing and services to our clients, which ensure 100% satisfaction.

Affordable Tracing Fees

One of the main reason we have kept on growing from strength to strength is our affordable competitive tracing fee prices and fees which has kept our clients coming back for more services.

For a free quotation for any services or general inquiry feel free to contact us and to send your tracing service instruction and our friendly consultant will attend to you

Our tracing team work under supervision and works as a team, plus with excellent right tracing tools and software – ensures that deadlines and high success rate targets are met without compromise on service delivery.

Absolute privacy is maintained about client´s information. We never reveal crucial information to any third party under any circumstances. You can be sure about this.

JST Management Tracing Services have access to a variety of of search tracing tools and facilities including internet data, people locators and cross reference directories.Our advanced software tools have given us a competitive edge when it comes to trace and locate people, companies, and identity corporate offices. Technology is more than an efficient means of communicating, it has transformed the way informed professionals practice services. We rely on modern technology to quickly deliver quality services

We operate on a no trace no fee basis. Our tracing fees are charged per positive trace results only. No invoice is raised for negative results or no service report.

With us, clients can rest assured that their documents/queries are treated with the utmost care and attention. Before completing the orders, we review the papers for consistency, completeness, spelling and grammar and that given information is checked and confirmed.

Our traceable good track record in the tracing services and collections industry have ensured us trust with debt collecting companies, insurance companies, provident fund organisations, government agencies, banks and the general public thanks to our delivering in time and high positive success rate.

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