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Missing Person Tracing

Missing Person Tracing Johannesburg South Africa

Our People Search Tracing Services are missing person tracing and family tracing that connects you to your missing persons and long lost loved ones.

We are an experienced and professional missing person tracing company with many years offering missing person tracing services. Our people finding agents can assist you in searching your long lost relatives and connecting you to your families.


Our Missing Person Tracing service ensures that our tracing agents trace to locate the contact employment, residential, telephone, email and other contactable details of absconding debtors for the purposes of collecting outstanding owing amounts, issuing of court orders or for collection procedures

It may look like an uphill task to try to find your long lost relative you may not actually know or remember whom for some personal reasons you may have lost contact with without know where to start. JST Management Tracing Services, experienced tracing company employing professional tracing agents, has access to people finding tools that can see you connected with your loved ones in no time.

Our person search tracing services are:

Missing Person Tracing

We locate and find your missing persons providing you with their contactable details – such as their current telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, residential address, employment details where they can be contacted.

We have helped many parents who had lost their childrens’ touch and many children who had lost contact with their birth parents due to the high rates of divorces that leads to broken families where children end up being raised with single parents and the other is restricted access. As it is always a fact when children grow they want to find and meet their dads or mothers in the end, but with dotted information of their whereabouts – they might find it difficult.

With an input such as a person’s name or last known contact telephone number or employer – that can give us a clue of where to start and give us a lead. As professionals we will take it from there, and as normal in most cases their stories of missing, depravation, curiosity and longing will end up with joy as our trained investigative tracers make it their business and point to leave no stone unturned to locate these long lost loved ones.

Family Tracing

Our family tracing product involves us to search the family details of a person who has lost his roots with it to find their birth relatives and connecting them to their loved ones.

For some reasons some people were displaced from their families – like due to change of employment, relocation to urban areas, imprisonment, family feuds and grudges which resulted in their losing contact with them. However with passage of time they might want to reconnect again but with no clue of where to start as many things and factors would have changed with the period.

In such situations any matter that can be referred to JST Management Tracing service will be taken seriously and treated with utmost confidentiality with all efforts to leave no stone unturned until we locate the family details of our clients connecting with their birth relatives.

Some little information that may be thought of as irrelevant are those minutest details we need for us to use as our lead. Information like name, surname, ID number if available can be a very useful clue.

There are other details like last known address, telephone number, employer details, cell phone details (even if they are no longer in use), friends or properties and assets owned, if any, they can lead us to trace to the final destination which is your missing persons or your families.

JST Management services missing tracing fees prices are affordable and cost effective. Cut on your tracing fees by not trying to do it alone. Give it to experienced tracers to connect you to them.

For a quick service just send a tracing enquiry online by simply filling our contact form on the website and our tracing agents will contact you immediately furnishing you with any of the requirements of what it takes to connect you with your missing family.

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